Our makeup remover doubles as a moisturizer infused with lavender + frankincense + tea tree oil. Focuses on the improvement in skin texture and appearance. 

-Jojoba oil will deeply penetrate your skin, moisturize, and wash away your makeup effortlessly.

-Vitamin E Oil hydrates + evens skin tone 

-Lavender Essential Oil helps to lift oil out of pores. It also has a healing property which makes it great for dry or irritated skin.

-Frankincense Essential Oil works to smooth fine lines 

-Tea Tree Essential Oil cleanses skin + works to prevent breakouts 

Directions: Wring excess remover from pad into jar, apply in a circular motion + rinse with warm water. Avoid direct eye contact.

Ingredients: Organic Cotton pads, Jojoba oil, Castile soap, Distilled water, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Essential oils; Lavender, Tea Tree & Frankincense.

Natural Moisturizing Makeup Remover